Question Mark

I usually love almost everything the Olsen's wear but I don't know how I feel about these looks. I feel like it may be a little too much, even for them. However I'm intrigued by whatever they wear. How do you feel about their outfits in these pictures?
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rachel said...

Love MK's look, although it could be a touch less bulky at the top. Not too keen on Ashley's at all, which is disappointing.

supercalifragilisticespiallidocious said...

i actually really like what they're wearing :D especially ashley's ! i love the laces and also mary kate's purse and her bracelets .

tanvi @ now craving said...

I'm also intrigued by whatever these girls wear, but I have to say, I really dislike both of these outfits- they do nothing for either of them and aren't really avant garde as much as they are a bit crazy.