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 photo cd5.jpg  photo cd3.jpg There's no doubt that unconventional ear accessories have been all the rage this year. More and more celebs and off the runway models have been flaunting this edgy look and I'm all for it! Ears are the new canvas for accessorizing and this look can be achieved with an assortment of different hoops and studs to suit your fancy. This is a really fun way to experiment and see what combination fits your personality. I personally love something unique like this classy silver rose stud from FreshTrends. I would also combine it with some small hoops like the ones Kate Moss infamously sports.


Blue Is The Warmest Color

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Work Out

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Hi Fashion Tadpoles,

With the new year in full swing it’s time to get started on those resolutions. This for me means making the time to exercise and get healthy. I find that the best motivation is great workout wear. Whether that is a new sports bra or a shaping pair of leggings, clothes can be the extra boost you need to get out the door and get going. I find that having a diverse workout wardrobe is the key to meeting your exercising goals. There are so many awesome workout clothes these days that are so stylish that they can easily transition to casual wear so that you can run errands after your workout. That is what I love about the clothing brand Sweaty Betty.

They have tons of amazing options from yoga wear to running clothes. They have styles to meet any of your exercising preferences. I find that trying new classes can help mix up your work outs and help you stay inspired. Sweaty Betty has outfits for Pilates, spinning, and cardio barre. They also have clothes for playing tennis and doing outdoor activities like hiking or swimming. I love doing yoga and I especially love the versatility of yoga clothes. I love wearing yoga pants because you can simply add a sweater and go grocery shopping or to run errands and still look chic. My favorite celebs to look to for workout style inspiration are Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie, and Vanessa Hudgens.

Whenever I am feeling unmotivated I find that it helps to look at pictures for inspiration and to always have your clothes laid out and ready to go. And with the amazingly fun and chic clothes from Sweaty Betty it can be fun putting together workout looks that will make you feel strong and confident. I think that workout clothes have the power to give you the extra boost of motivation needed to kick start a great workout and a fabulous new year.

images via: justjared.com



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Hey Fashion Tadpoles,

I just wanted to clue you in on some fabulous sandals for your final weeks of summer. Reef is a premium surf brand that offers a wide range of apparel for men, women, and children. While checking out their site, I was struck by tons of awesome sandals that are right on trend for summer. They also have so many cool boots and moccasins which are perfect for fall. A new pair of moccasins has definitely been on my must buy list for months. These shoes will definitely give you that Erin Wasson-esque, California boho beach girl look. Their latest line is very evocative of 70s beach days in Mexico or California. Everything would be perfect for a music festival like Coachella, or a fun road trip.

I really love the moccasins and flats that can be worn for back to school that come in neutral colors like grey and tan. Many Reef flats also feature great woven and metallic detailing that is very in right now. My favorite pair of moccasins is the Reef winter swell in brown. I also love the Reef rancho rio style for going to the beach or just running errands around town. Many of the flats also feature a sort of Aztec Mayan print which I really love right now.

The Reef bella costa style is also not only stylish, but great for your feet too. It features anatomical arch support, quilted foam foot beds, and natural jute soles. All of these features ensure that not only will your shoes look great but they will feel great too and provide the support needed for long days of wear.

But my favorite Reef shoes of all have to be their wide array of quality sandals. My favorite styles include the uptown girl, gypsy macramé, love crochet, leather uptown metallic, and stargazer. These sandals are not only comfortable but right on trend for fall. They feature crochet and metallic detailing, as well as leather and woven accents. I am also in love with the Reef backpacker backpack that features hand-woven textiles from Guatemala. I love Reef because not only do they are environmentally conscious and devoted to giving back and preserving nature.

Sources: http://kalifornia-klasss.tumblr.com/, http://www.fashiongonerogue.com/



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Hey Fashion Tadpoles,

With summer still in its final swing and fall fast approaching, it’s time to revamp your makeup and skincare products. Every year around this time I make a conscious effort to re-evaluate what’s working and what’s not in my makeup drawer. As summer still lingers, I must have a great waterproof mascara to withstand the final weeks of pool swimming and beach going. Tarte Cosmetics has come to my rescue with their Lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara. It is ideal for lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning, all while withstanding the water. This mascara not only nourishes your lashes, it keeps them looking fab all day long.

Tarte also offers tons of great eye makeup to complement your mascara. To begin with, they have tons of great primers and highlighters. They also have great eye shadow shades for every season and complexion. These go great with their wide variety of eyeliner options to help define the eye. My favorite is the skinny smolderEYES Amazonian clay waterproof eyeliner, to help create the perfect smoky eye that won’t wash off by the pool.

I love Tarte because not only do their products create the looks you love, they are also healthy and natural for your skin. With school fast approaching it’s time to take a time out and take care of your skin. A radiant healthy look always begins with the foundation of beautiful healthy skin. Tarte provides high performance natural products that renew and revitalizes your skin. They have everything from Amazonian clay exfoliating masks to lip exfoliant and soothing oil treatments. And when you’re done taking care of the basics, Tarte has everything you need to create a flawless complexion for the fall.

My favorites include the full coverage airbrush foundation and the tinted moisturizers. They also offer wonderful primers, bronzers, and waterproof concealers. Not only does Tarte provide you with great products, you can rest easy knowing it is all made without harmful synthetics and filled with healthy vitamins and minerals that will nourish your skin. You can also rest assured knowing that Tarte’s products are all eco-friendly and cruelty free. Tarte makeup and skincare truly is the epitome of eco-chic. Who knew glamour could be so good for you!

images source: kalifornia-klasss.tumblr.com