Work Out

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Hi Fashion Tadpoles,

With the new year in full swing it’s time to get started on those resolutions. This for me means making the time to exercise and get healthy. I find that the best motivation is great workout wear. Whether that is a new sports bra or a shaping pair of leggings, clothes can be the extra boost you need to get out the door and get going. I find that having a diverse workout wardrobe is the key to meeting your exercising goals. There are so many awesome workout clothes these days that are so stylish that they can easily transition to casual wear so that you can run errands after your workout. That is what I love about the clothing brand Sweaty Betty.

They have tons of amazing options from yoga wear to running clothes. They have styles to meet any of your exercising preferences. I find that trying new classes can help mix up your work outs and help you stay inspired. Sweaty Betty has outfits for Pilates, spinning, and cardio barre. They also have clothes for playing tennis and doing outdoor activities like hiking or swimming. I love doing yoga and I especially love the versatility of yoga clothes. I love wearing yoga pants because you can simply add a sweater and go grocery shopping or to run errands and still look chic. My favorite celebs to look to for workout style inspiration are Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie, and Vanessa Hudgens.

Whenever I am feeling unmotivated I find that it helps to look at pictures for inspiration and to always have your clothes laid out and ready to go. And with the amazingly fun and chic clothes from Sweaty Betty it can be fun putting together workout looks that will make you feel strong and confident. I think that workout clothes have the power to give you the extra boost of motivation needed to kick start a great workout and a fabulous new year.

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