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For some reason I can never get enough of the Olsens. They just exude this sense of effortless grungy chic that is so intriguing. Lately i haven't been the hugest fan of their fashion choices but i can always dig through the archives to find some of my faves for inspiration. Oh and by the way you must admit the wedges from the first picture are absolutely insane!
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P.S. R.I.P. Brittany Murphy you will be missed.


JOWY said...


One Love,

Clara said...

wow! my gosh!
amazing pics!!
i love MK Olsen and Brittany Murphy ;//

NICOLE said...

rip brittany! i love ashleys wedges in this picture! i want them sooo badly!

Meg and Komie said...

HEART the Olsens for life...We can stare at pixs of them for hours and still be inspired no matter how many times we have seen them hahha...thanks for sharing!!!

Brittany will be missed...*RIP*

the style spotter said...

totally agreed, im so addicted to olsens anonymous for the stalker pics haha

i gave you a blog award on my site, stop by to pick it up!!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Those wedges are to die for!! I love their style!! xoxoxoxo

Ganymede Girl said...

Those wedges are awesome, who makes them?

Audra said...

I agree on that. I've almost always loved them.

Hope-Fashion Narcotics said...

I love how the olsens can basically throw on any jeans/wedges combo and it looks effortlessly chic, whereas anybody else would juts look stupid. Also, love the way they are breaking the fur taboo, there is nothing wrong with vintage/artificial fur, contray to popular opinion!
Fashion Narcotics.

Michele said...

I love the lipstick in the second picture!!

miss_vogue said...

ohhh i loveeee the second picture. I'm so obsessed with them too.
we have similar blogs, I love finding people with similar taste to mine!

Dominique said...

Those wedges really are insane. And MK looks amazing in the second pic,
like a old Hollywood diva, with the fur and all.

Pj said...

Love the dress Ashley is wearing. Wow the Olsen twins can be so inspiring!